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Stitched and Haunting

What do bears have in common with Frankenstein? Well, first off, toy bears, like the “monster” of Victor Frankenstein from the book by Mary Shelley, are stitched together from different parts. But where Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was a horrible looking giant who frightened people, toy bears are pretty cute and not very scary. Also some people think real bears are dangerous monsters, but like the creature brought to life by the science student in the book, most bears just want to be who they’re supposed to be. The Frankenstein monster wanted a companion who was like him. Bears pretty much like to be with other bears.

The idea of a scientist who takes knowledge to a dangerous place which what he creates might want to destroy him, is a very powerful idea, and it came to be used as a reference. The Frankenstein monster got really famous because of movies made about him. The movies that became really popular where not very much like the book, and the monster played by Boris Karloff with make-up by Jack P. Pierce and Pauline Eells, made him very scary but human at the same time. The movie directed by James Whale made Frankenstein with bolts for electricity in the sides of his neck and a flat head, and he walked with his arms out. This became everybody’s idea of what the Frankenstein monster was supposed to be, but he was not at all like that in the book.

Sponge Bob FrankensteinOther movies have come out with different ideas of what the man sewn up from parts of dead bodies would look like. He became a really popular costume at Halloween. There are some cuddly stuffed Frankenstein toy monsters, and some toy bears have ugly stitches holding them together, like Major Ursus (but don’t tell him I mentioned it). There are famous cartoon characters as Frankenstein stuffed plush toys, like Sponge Bob Square Head, Goofy Frankenstein and Frankenstein Snoopy. There was even a cereal called Frankenberry, but it was too sweet to be very beary. Some stuffed bears can be sewn up with scars to make kids who have scars feel better.

A lot of movies and shows have been made from the Frankenstein story. Leander’s favorite is Mr. Magoo’s Frankenstein. There are a whole bunch of movie and tv stuff that are coming out about Frankenstein, a movie about Victor Frankenstein with the grown up Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) as the scientists friend and assistant and a tv show about detectives, and there is a new book about the diaries of Mary Shelley and where the Frankenstein name came from, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Secret Memoirs. She began to write one of the most famous books ever when she was only 18 years old. She learned a lot of big words to be able to write it. Her mother was a writer and so was her father, both who had very radical thoughts for their time. You shouldn’t be afraid to think a little differently than everyone else, but maybe you shouldn’t dig up dead bodies.

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