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One of the Best Known Changes Hands

Bearbuddy Dakin Button photoDakin stuffed animals are a brand of plush toys ranging in size and animal breeds. A note of personal bias - BearBuddy Leander comes from the Dakin family so he is particularly partial to their products, but actual Dakin animals are now collector pieces. The Woodland Hills, California based Dakin was originally founded in 1955 by Richard Dakin as an import business. After thirty years of making fine plush animals and one of the most widely known of stuffed toy makers, the Dakin Company was acquired by Applause Inc. which marketed licensed toys from Warner Bros., Disney, and Jim Henson's Muppets in 1995. The plush toy business and models were marketed as Applause/Dakin. Applause fell into bankruptcy when its CEO died and in 2004, Applause was acquired by the Russ Berrie company of New Jersey, known for its Troll toys and entertainment brand products like LucasFilm Star Wars collector items and PowerPuff Girls. The Russ Berrie company produces various lines of gift items sold through stores like Hallmark and children's products. The Berrie Company has its own line of Russ bears and stuffed animals.

The Dakin line of high quality plush toys known for compassionate-eyed huggable animal pals still features animals of different varieties as well as bears, some in the more gimmicky nature. Some of Dakins plush products over the years include Garfield the Cat, Nick 'n Nora Cloud Bears, Sad Sam and Honey Basset Hound, Cuddlekins Kitten and Dakin’s Zodiac Bears. Dakin aims to encourage children’s interest in nature and natural history as well as to entertain and offers with holiday and seasonal lines. Dakin animal toys are collectable and many you see listed on the web are vintage items from the past 40 years. The original dakin bears had blue plastic tag with just the Dakin name. It is claimed if they still have the tag they can be sold as "new". Well, Leander may be eternally a youngster, but he didn't just fall off the toy truck.



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